Posted by: cassymuronaka | April 19, 2016

If only it would clean itself (the room, not the dog)


Kimmy entering room2

And so the Spring assault on the studio/office begins.  I can’t call it “Spring cleaning” because this room hasn’t been cleaned in several years.

Just dusting the first two bookshelves resulted in the dog and I having several massive sneezing fits.  And unlike my two old 40-50 pound mutts who were around during the last bulldoze, this puppy weighs barely 16 pounds, so there is every possibility that I actually could lose her in here somewhere.  Or something could fall down on her, as it already has on me.


Kimmy investigating2

In addition to a can of Krylon spray adhesive bopping me on the forehead,  I also cut a finger when I pinched it on a closet door I was closing way too enthusiastically.

All of this occurred in less than half an hour.  I am moving much more cautiously now.

desk2Kimmy and the flying monkeys2

I have moved dog’s bed to the middle of the upstairs hallways, which has made her alternately curious and confused. She has been further bewildered by the loud music blaring through the room, which is from one of my son’s “Best Of” CDs.  These he made for me to keep me vaguely apprised of music dating from 1990, when Jake was born and my cultural influences became frozen in time.

I don’t know how long this massive undertaking is going to take me, but once I listen to those first CDs, I can launch iTunes and start moving through Cassy’s Oldies but Goldies.

And there’s always Netlfix.

Kimmy on floor2



  1. I sympathise, I have been moving my art stuff from a small room to a much bigger one and I am still managing to over fill the new studio. I need a barn, that would be lovely.

    Your new doggie is gorgeous. Her little face is so cute!

    • A barn would be good…. And thank you, Alita.

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