Posted by: cassymuronaka | July 23, 2014

What you find when you clean out your bedroom end table

end table contents

28 nail files or emery boards
2 unactivated credit cards
2 flash drives
6 Very Important notes I have written, including one that says “FRUITCAKE!”
7 Post-it pads
14 Post-it bookmark pads
1 newspaper cartoon where the man is waking his wife in their bed, saying, “Hey honey, — your sleeping is waking me up.”
1 bottle cap
5 yellow and pink Highlighters
11 tags I have cut off from shirts because they scratch my neck
1 plastic frog
1 plastic octopus tentacle
1 round die
2 mini tape cassettes that I probably recorded around 1991 of my son babbling to himself in his crib
3 black Sharpies
5 red ink pens
1 orange ink pen
1 teal ink pen
1 purple ink pen
1 magenta ink pen
1 blue ink pen
2 black ink pens
1 black ink pen refill
1 wooden keyring pen
1 convention lanyard with nothing attached to it
13 matchboxes
1 InStyle magazine recommendation of the 15 best cellphone beauty Apps
1 satin jewelry case with no jewelry in it
2 pairs scissors
2 pairs earplugs
1 whistle
1 deck of cards
1 safety pin
7 paper clips
2 sets of earbuds
2 set of earbud replacement covers
1 plastic iPhone 4S music player/horn
3 polymer clay beads
1 South Pasadena High School “Notice of Committee Meeting” pad, c. 1969
1 LA Times employee identification card, c. 1981
3 ziplock bags, varying sizes
1 laminated “SIMPSON Criminal Courts Tour All Access” pass with the following “Unofficial Sponsors: Ross Cutlery, Hertz, American Airlines, Ford’s Bronco Div, LAPD Robbery Homicides,” c. 1994
1 small chest of drawers knob
5 pencils
2 Chapsticks
1 bottle eyedrops
1 rubber band
2 large erasers
27 plastic toothpicks
1 “How to Find & Download Free Kindle Fire ebooks” printout
1 set of instructions for the iPhone 4S
1 pair reading glasses
1 flip/fold Ott light
1 squeeze flashlight that doesn’t work anymore
1 working Maglight
1 credit card magnifier that doesn’t work very well
1 button that reads “I haven’t learned the secret to anything. I’m just old.”
1 silver button
11 notepads



  1. I suggest you throw it all out immediately so you’re not tempted to put it all back in the drawer again.

  2. Janice is wise!

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