Posted by: cassymuronaka | April 27, 2014

All I can offer is a new “dogs” photo

This poor blog.  I neglect it, and I have nothing concrete to show for the time where I should have been posting a few words or photos.

I could make excuses….    I have been ruthlessly sorting out and taking things to the Goodwill and Salvation Army.   The weather has been an unpredictable and my mood been corresponding with it.

I can’t really expect to get any sympathy from anyone living east of the Rockies on that last one, though.

I am babysitting my sister’s labradoodle again. So I offer a photo of him and my ancient border collie/lab mix lying on the old blanket I put on my bed to keep my new bedspread in good condition and protected from dog reek.

Covering the bedspread with a ratty green blanket sort of defeats the purpose of having a nice new blue bedspread, though.

But it’s too late to train Lola or Toby “Off!”




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