Posted by: cassymuronaka | December 15, 2013

Jingle hell on the road

Christmas tree, South Coast Plaza
Yesterday, in a clear effort to shop early until they dropped early, the better part of the populations of Los Angeles and Orange counties tore into the California freeways on a direct path to the malls of Southern California.
And all I have to say about that is: Get thee online to Amazon if thou hast not completely purchased at least half of thy Christmas shopping.
The day had begun as it ended: with traffic. I received a 911-get-me-off-this-freeway cell phone call from my sister, who was trying to navigate the always predictable 405 freeway, which  was blocked up like an old man who needs to eat more vegetables. Disaster was averted, with instructions to make a quick slide over to the ancient but relatively uncrowded Long Beach Freeway. Eventually, arms linked, my mother, sister and I blew into Costa Mesa’s South Coast Plaza Mall this morning well before the hordes.

Savorski Crystal Store

Roberto Cavalli 2Roses, Savorski store

Fortunately, our second biggest trauma during the day was finding a restaurant without a long line for lunch.

Around 4:30 pm, we were done.  The decorations were pretty, the sales people still were in a good mood; it was time to go. We had ooohed and ahhhhed at the Saworski store crytstals and laughed at a lot of window displays.  My sister — an entertainment lawyer — actually bought something at Tiffany’s with a gift certificate.

Stevie Nicks stocking m

During the last 45 minutes before we hit that Mall Wall of exhaustion, a tidal wave of soccer moms and people who got a late start on the day began to wash over South Coast Plaza’s floors. A huge proportion of these people were pushing deadly, fast-moving strollers, containing toddlers who had been thoughtfully armed with giant balloons filled with blinking LED lights.

At 5 pm today, there was no advice to be had on circumventing the Not-Pulsing-at-All labyrinth of roadways in Los Angeles and Orange counties.  It was Merry Gridlock.

I didn’t even clock how long it took me to return my mother to Pasadena and find my own way home.

Still….. it was a good day.  We didn’t buy much, but knew in our hearts we really weren’t there to shop.  It’s all about the Christmas decorations and window displays for people who know and love Amazon and internet shopping.Sydney Opera House, Lego Store


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