Posted by: cassymuronaka | September 7, 2013

The demands of the day

There’s something very wrong when it’s hotter in Los Angeles than it is in Death Valley, the hottest place in the United States. The U.S Weather Service says it’s 95° out, with only 31% humidity, but that’s a big fat lie. I know it, and so does my dog.

Lola, who normally sleeps on the carpeted floor next to my husband’s side of the bed (the better to effectively trip him when he gets up to pee), was found this morning snoozing in the dark downstairs room I call The Batcave. She had traded the comfort of padded carpet for the cool surface of laminated wood floor.  The dog is 14 1/2 years old, and while she appears to be in perfect health, whenever there is a dramatic change in her behavior, we all begin to fret. It already was heating up at 7 am this morning when I got up to shut the windows in our bedroom and close the blinds. Groggy and swollen-eyed, I didn’t notice that Lola was missing.  When my husband and I anxiously went in search of the dog a couple of hours later, we found her lying on her side downstairs, already panting a little, with an expression on her face that seemed to say “Was it something I did?”

There is no way to tell a a dog that she did nothing to deserve this weather.

I’ve begun working at night because about all I can summon the strength to do are basic life functions and regular forays into Candy Crush Saga, which only require nothing more than me pointing one index finger at my iPad.

I’m at Level 51 and haven’t paid them a dime, in case anyone wants to know.

My energy level is so low that I am seriously thinking of changing my email address to something shorter than cassymuronaka@whateverdotcom.  It exhausts and annoys me at having to type my name several times a day, something Facebook, Pinterest and all of the email services demand that I do in the name of stepped-up security after I got hacked.  I keep checking the “keep me logged in” box,  but it’s not working anymore. I may have to go back to cassycohen, although, even cassycohen might be too much for me right now. I need something like

After I threw a bunch of ice cubes into the pot of coffee I am only making every three days now, I staggered outside this morning to get the Saturday newspaper while the java cooled off. I haven’t read the Comics page since I was in junior high school, but every now and then I wander over there.  I did that today, and busted up when I saw Jerry Van Amerongen’s rendering of his “Ballard Street.”  I could not have found a better way to describe my own behavior since LA’s heat wave began.




  1. I just got around to reading this. I was in Toronto at the time — everyone told me when I got back how HOT it had been

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