Posted by: cassymuronaka | November 12, 2012

Hollywood’s Awards Season: Licking the hand that feeds you

While the rest of the country is taking a big nap after the nearly two-year long political advertising assault that abruptly ended last Tuesday (unless you’re on Facebook), here in Los Angeles we will simply lurch from one series of elections to another, although not many of us have the option to officially cast ballots.

“Awards Seasons,” which began before the last polling booth in California went back to being someone’s garage, is a time when Hollywood pulls on its tightest Spanx and begins campaigning for honors that will be bestowed with great fanfare in no less than fifteen ceremonies that allegedly celebrate cinema between now and late February of 2013.  The final party — the  85th annual Academy Awards — is an orgy of self-congratulation thrown by the movie industry that is watched by millions of people around the world primarily to see what the female members of the actors’ branch of the Academy are wearing.

You cannot directly participate in any of the voting unless you belong to the organizations sponsoring these events: Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Directors Guild of America, etc, etc.  But millions of us will be saying a loud AYE (“Skyfall”) or NAY (“Cloud Atlas”) by purchasing tickets to movies between now and December 31st. And, trust me, that will have infinitely more of an impact on those who are authorized to put a big check mark on a ballot than all of the trade-directed advertisements in Variety, The Hollywood Reporter or  the Los Angeles Times that politely read:  “For Your Consideration.”


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