Posted by: cassymuronaka | August 20, 2012

Please go back to posting pictures of your cats

I am “deactivating” my Facebook account until at least one week after the presidential election.  There already are so many political rants being posted there that I am sure the entire site is going to look like one of “The Hunger Games” battlefields by September.



  1. It is bad isn’t it. I just end up “hiding” all the stories but what a waste of my good time that is. Maybe I need to step away as well. This election is making everyone nuts.

    • It sure is. Today my entire Facebook page was nothing but political postings. And while I was a little more tolerant today — that idiot Todd Akin and his repellent remarks about “legitimate rape” inspired most of them — I still am perfectly capable of reading the newspaper and finding out about despicable people all by myself.

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