Posted by: cassymuronaka | August 18, 2012

The Choir, You’re Preaching to It

Last week, someone on Facebook posted her horror at viewing the first Costco Christmas display. This, during a month of plus-100 August temperatures and chest-crushing humidity for much of the United States.  The prospect of the annual relentless and cheery holiday advertising campaign beginning even earlier than last year’s is enough to send anyone off the deep end. But paralleling that lively exercise is another — the race for president — and this one has opened a serious playing field for the first time on Facebook.

How much more simply can I say this, Facebook Friends:

Are you using Facebook for friendship?  If so, your friends already know what you think, and most of them heartily agree with you.  The people that aren’t going to vote for Your Guy in the upcoming election probably don’t want to be reminded of your political differences with them, little bugaboos that they try to overlook in the name of friendship. And — the next part is important — nothing that you post is going to change their minds.

If you’re lucky, those people might hit the Unhide button after the first Tuesday in November has come and gone.

Do try to remember why you joined Facebook.  Didn’t the plan vaguely involve enjoying yourself? You didn’t really set out with a hammer and saw to build the biggest soapbox in the cosmos, did you? Did you really look up that old classmate from high school only to send him/her screaming back into the wilderness for another 30 years?

Are you a student who anticipates job-hunting in the not-too-distant future? Or, do you use Facebook for business?  All the more reason to rethink perpetually posting your religious, moral and political views on a site that has about as much security as that metal sieve sitting in your kitchen cupboard.

Lastly, as opinion fatigue blossoms in the next couple of months, be prepared to suffer the often-painful consequences of what you post (as I will be doing after I write this).  Some of these consequences can be avoided if you decline to argue with complete strangers on Facebook pages that are not even your own.  Pop a little Prozac or chocolate instead.



  1. i should probably take this advice. it’s just that i have so much to offer.

    • Exemptions are made for humor.

  2. A terrific commentary, Cassy, particularly the advice about remembering why you signed up for Facebook in the first place. I use Facebook a lot but only for staying in touch with friends and family, promoting my comedy shows and sharing my enthusiasm for the SF Giants.

    • Thanks Dave!

  3. Wise words that I hope I’ll heed! (Love the cartoon, too…)

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