Posted by: cassymuronaka | July 30, 2012

A conversation with my son about “specialness”

Cassy: “I ordered these pens.  They are purple. I ordered a whole pack of them. They’re special; very, very special. See? They have a special fine-tipped point, too.”

Jake: “You’re special.”

Cassy: “Well, thank you.  One likes to think one is special …. or very, very special.”

Jake: “You’re clinically special.”



  1. What!

  2. You know you’ve raised your kids right when they say something as snarky as you…and can dodge your tossed pens.

  3. Funniest put-down ever!

    • It was difficult to be offended when he made such a funny comment.

  4. You are special and not in the clinical way… and I’ve known you a lot longer than Jake has

    • MWAH!

  5. And to think, I almost didn’t read this. Then I saw it was you and I knew there had to be more to it! Funny!

  6. When my darling daughter makes those comments, I reply with a “Just remember…. the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!” Sorry ’bout your comeupatence!!!

  7. That boy has been raised RIGHT!

  8. Love it! Very similar to something both of my boys would come up with, isn’t it fun that you are all so comfortable to be able to do that?

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