Posted by: cassymuronaka | July 15, 2012

Blinking my way through summer

Damn, there went June and half of July.  I kept meaning to post, but every time my fingers fluttered over to the keyboard, something interrupted. It wasn’t until Marion Cunningham died and her memory inspired me to wander over to my ginormous cookbook collection to find a recipe to make a rare breakfast, that I finally sat myself down and began typing.

I guess this is another unwanted sign of the aging process: blink, and 6 weeks blow past you.

While I’ve been away from the Mac:

I’ve been working on a book
I’ve had some not-fun medical “issues”
I’ve been reading Elmore Leonard
I’ve been making room for my “home for the summer” college-age son
I’ve been knitting scarves I don’t need
I’ve been trying to throw things away that I really don’t need
I’ve been harvesting my artichokes



  1. Missed you!

  2. Hi Cassy. Glad you’re feeling OK. How do you cook the little artichokes?

  3. Glad you are back.

  4. I missed you and I really enjoyed the post, even though I don’t like artichokes.

  5. Artichokes saved the lives of both of my daughters! (And they taste yummy, too!)

  6. Thanks for the welcoming wishes, everyone. And, I have to ask, Martha: how did artichokes save your children’s lives?

  7. Janice, these actually are gigantic artichokes. My plant just produces a lot of them. Although I’m trying to get more creative, I usually eat them cooked, with the old-fashioned dip method, using my mother’s recipe: mayo (or diet mayo, if you are trying to be good), garlic powder, a little catsup (or chili sauce), and as much Tabasco as suits your mood.

  8. Little embryos trying to escape their mama were locked into place when she was force-fed artichokes! It happened incidentally when I was carrying T.I.; then when Cari tried the Houdini trick, her dad went out to buy artichokes, announcing that he’d save this baby!

  9. And I enjoy a mayo dip occasionally, but most often it’s good ol’ melted margarine for me.

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