Posted by: cassymuronaka | April 17, 2012

It’s great to be a UCLA grad

Yes, we’d love to help you with your last will and testament. We especially like reminding you that you will die.

Just make sure to leave us everything that you possibly can, so that we will have the money to fund a campaign to send out this same message to future generations of UCLA alumni who also will die some day.

Please note, this thinly-disguised troll for donations is completely exclusive to UCLA alumni; we are not taking money from just anyone.



  1. Oh good lord….I guess they are desperate! Philanthropic goals. I like that….My philanthropic goals are to have enough money to last until I die…..ha..

    • Ditto.

  2. I have not heard from them yet but it sounds like I will soon, given that I’m in the class of 1974 — just like you

    • Ken thinks the two of you will be hearing from them shortly after your birthdays, as I did.

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