Posted by: cassymuronaka | April 11, 2012

All I ever saw on UCLA’s campus was Jane Fonda, Tony Curtis, and a bunch of squirrels

One of many resident bucks and does,
University of California at Santa Cruz



  1. ah, yes, but at UCSC, back in the day, you could also fall over bong factories and maryjane plants on the fringes of campus…to find “real” wildlife at UCLA, at least back in the 70’s, you had to head over to Hollywood Boulevard…but then, most of the wildlife was 2 legged….

    • Yes, infinitely more rabbit holes to slide down at Santa Cruz. Although, UCSC’s “Meadow” was rivaled at UCLA by The Botanical Garden. I was too lazy to make the walk, but I knew people who headed down there pretty much every weekday afternoon.

      Me, I hung out at the UCLA Daily Bruin office, which pretty much was was an oasis in the middle of campus

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