Posted by: cassymuronaka | March 19, 2012

Only in Vegas: Flava Flav will now sing for you

In theory, my good friend Sara Edwards and I have come to Las Vegas for several days to research a book. This is an effort that has sprung out of a well of memories from the mid-1970s, and it centers around the first jobs we ever held, when she was a television reporter at KLAS-TV and I worked in print at the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

But during our simple labors, we have lurched from one Monty Pythoesque scene to another.

Last night, it was the men in kilts joyfully celebrating St. Patrick’s Day by mooning us at the Venetian Hotel.  Today, I chatted with a man with 12 toes and went to a dinner where rapper and large clock enthusiast Flava Flav arrived with an entourage and proceeded to serenade an audience that did not ask him to sing.

Tonight’s adventure began when Sara met up with an old friend, Shawn Tempesta (a Vegas radio and television reporter himself, and his girlfriend, PR and social media maven Marsha MacEachern. I tagged along for the ride to Piero’s, a Las Vegas institution, and the kind of Italian restaurant where where Tony Soprano would have taken Carmela for their wedding anniversary

Flava Flav arrived about midway through our salads. Included in his group was one-time championship skater Tai Babilonia, a man who never stopped texting, a local female lawyer with huge implants and an equally impressive client list, a man who was annoyed with Shawn for being “the only person in town” who had not visited some place he owned or operated, and another lawyer who felt compelled to tell us that her Hermes Birkin handbag cost $40,000.

At some point, everyone got very chatty. I’m pretty sure that this was right after Flava’s table found out Shawn had a morning television show in Las Vegas.  Flava has a new local restaurant that he’s opening.  The rest of the entourage had other things to pitch.

During their dinner, at least three people in Flava Flav’s entourage were simultaneously checking their cellphone messages and texting, Flava being the second worst offender.

Flava Flav eventually took a breather and announced that he loved the song, “Stand By Your Man.” One of the lawyers begged him to sing. She told him she loved the song too.  For one horrified moment, I expected Flava Flav to begin warbling one of country singer Tammy Wynette’s most famous tunes. Instead, he opted for “One in a Million.”

“One in  Million” had about a one million choruses, but Flava Flav turned out to be a pretty nice guy — very willing to pose for a photo — so I didn’t begrudge him his soaring, Mariah Carey ending, although this spontaneous celebrity performance clearly was not the first one the roomful of jaded waiters had seen. And the guys seated in the table next to us could not get away from our corner of the room fast enough.

At the end, everyone applauded and Tweeted.



  1. Just another day in Vegas

    • Exactly.

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