Posted by: cassymuronaka | February 7, 2012

Something to ponder during this election season

Below is a Youtube clip with reluctant world traveler Mike Reiss, a man who has “vacationed” through North Korea, Egypt, Iran and Libya.  Reiss, who is a writer for “The Simpsons,” and his wife Denise addressed their 30th class reunion at Harvard University.

You also can cut to the chase and simply read my favorite quote from their speech, which might comfort those of us who perpetually find ourselves voting during certain elections less for a particular candidate and more against the other guy.

Mike Reiss:

“What I learned from all these travels is that people are not their governments. Iran, North Korea … they have crazy presidents.  But just because they have a crazy, stupid president doesn’t mean that the people are crazy and stupid. It’s something we have to remember.  So the next time we have a crazy, stupid president….”



  1. “This was the most impressive collection of old people since … well, you people.”

    What a brilliantly funny couple

    • What I meant was this — “This was the most impressive collection of old relics since … well, you people.”

      • That was my other favorite line.

  2. “It’s easy to get into Iran. No one wants to go there. It’s kind of like Tufts”

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