Posted by: cassymuronaka | January 1, 2012

Where’s the parade?

Somewhere on a Pasadena sidewalk along the Rose Parade route, a tourist who staked out his or her spot early Saturday and then partied late into the night, has woken up with a severe hangover but … no Rose Parade.

For the 14th time since the Southern California event began in 1890, New Year’s Day has fallen on a Sunday. This means both the parade and the Rose Bowl football game have been pushed back until Monday.

The prohibition against a Sunday parade (and later, the Rose Bowl game) is only loosely related to religion.  The original parade planners fretted that horses tied up outside local churches along the route would be rattled, and the ensuing noise would disrupt morning services.

Stephanie Edwards and Bob Eubanks will be back tomorrow in their sky-high, protected KTLA bubble, Stephanie providing lots of early-morning perk and enlightening parade facts, and the former “The Newlywed Game Show” host will, as usual, obsess about various horse breeds.

Flickr Creative Commons single horse image courtesy “Flamingo”



  1. Amazing how fine the weather tends to be for the parade…except for the 2006 parade, when it rained pretty hard. I recall that a disheveled Stephanie Edwards was exiled from the booth and required to do updates from the route

  2. It has been very confusing today. Our favorite breakfast place was open but Mother’s Market wasn’t. The Nixon Library was closed but the malls were open

  3. Yeah, it’s very weird having to kill this no-man’s-zone day that technically is New Year’s Day, but doesn’t feel like it. I know the Monday parade and game thing probably happened when I was a kid, but I can’t remember experiencing it.

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