Posted by: cassymuronaka | December 31, 2011

See’s Cinnamon Lollypops

As the new year prepares to roll in, I am readying myself to say goodbye to See’s Cinnamon Lollypops, which the candy company now dangles on the market for only six weeks or so each year.

When they were first introduced, one could obtain these confections any time a chain store was open for business. Soon, sales were limited to the Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine seasons.

I love these things, and, according to my local purveyor, so does everyone else who chokes back sobs when the seasonal stock has run dry.

I’m not sure why such a popular item is marketed so scarcely, but I will admit that it has resulted in me loading up on boxes and boxes of these suckers for two years running.  One of my primary Christmas gifts from my husband this year probably would be considered a sizable stash for a normal human being.  But there are times when I come close to shooting up See’s Cinnamon Lollypops, so I have forced myself to turn over my gift to him, so that my spouse carefully can dole out a limited number of suckers to me during the next several months.  He has been instructed to ignore me, no matter how piteously I whine for “just one more.”

Get ’em while you can.



  1. I love the usual flavors of See’s suckers but never have tried the cinnamon kind. Maybe that’s just as well as I seriously resolve to take off some pounds this year. But of course New Year’s resolutions tend not to last . . . . .

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