Posted by: cassymuronaka | November 26, 2011

Polymer clay jewelry donations

Well, here I am, right smack in the middle of the holiday season, and all I want to do is play with my new iPhone4S, or pop Anthon Berg Chocolate Liqueur Bottles in my mouth while I watch “Die Hard” on Netflix streaming. Forget “It’s a Wonderful Life:” Give me Alan Rickman’s Hans Gruber going toe-to-toe with Bruce Willis’ John McClane just one more time.

Nevertheless, despite my desire to remain unencumbered by responsibility, I slogged my way through my studio yet another time last week, and eventually emerged from the depths with a generous bag of old polymer clay jewelry. This has been a little painful to do.  As with many packrats, I find it difficult to part with anything I might sell or use again.

Most of the work is well made,  although a few items make me wince when I gaze upon my bead stringing choices and the state of my craft at the time they were made.  Mostly, they are fine; I’m just so damn tired of looking at them.

Now I have to figure out where to donate the bag.  I know that it would be appreciated at a women’s shelter.

For obvious reasons, women’s shelters are protective of their locations.  The last time I tried to track one down, I had to meet a volunteer outside, on the street, on the block where she lived.  I wasn’t even allowed to come to her house, much less to the shelter.

At that  time, I was getting rid of scores of stuffed animals, many of which had never been used.  The majority of these furry toys were expensive, three-foot tall wonders that I had won over two days of shooting water jet guns in the arcade of the child-friendly Excalibur hotel/casino in Las Vegas. I was so good that I essentially became like a card counter, a pariah actively discouraged from playing. Guards kept trying to lead me away from the water jets and claim that there were limits how much could be won, as my giant panthers, elephants and tigers piled up beside me.

That was all bull, of course.  And all I had to do was go away for half an hour, wait until some arcade carny took a break, and then trot right back to the water guns to rack up more prizes.

At the end of this trip, I had filled the entire trunk of a car with my booty.

Looking back, I should have been playing blackjack or betting on the horses during these two magical, luck-filled days, but at the time, I was all about motherhood and making my son delirious with joy.

Now,  just as my son needed to part with his army of stuffed animals as he entered Tweendom, it’s time for me to let some of my past go, too. And by doing so, maybe some recipient will feel pretty and hopeful during the holiday season.



  1. if you didnt want to go the route of the shelter again …i bet an assisted living location would luv to have your works of art 🙂

    • Good idea, Rossane.

  2. May I suggest The Sheepfold ( ) ?

    Also, I came across your blog through a series of links. Not really sure where I started. I must say I am in awe! I’ve marked you as a fave. Thank you for your talent. I started with poly clay (fimo) in the early eighties, making primary color mini toys for my dollhouse, who knew where clay would go. Have not done anything for years, but I need to use my hands before I lose all feeling…. so, I am getting inspiration to begin again. Jan

    • I’ll check out the Sheepfold. Thanks so much for your compliment!

  3. I am totally impressed, Cassy. It is sooooo hard for me to toss anything away….except after a visit to my sister, who has a serious hoarding problem.

    • Oh, I wouldn’t know anything about THAT.

  4. It’s hard but doesn’t it feel good when it’s done.

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