Posted by: cassymuronaka | October 17, 2011

Vogue Knitting Live!

Lately, I’ve been rather yarn-obsessed, which is how I ended up attending Vogue Knitting Live! in Century City recently. The twice yearly conference, which meets in New York and Somewhere on the West Coast, is sponsored by Vogue magazine.  It features classes and lectures by the elite in fiber and yarn, and paying for that information will put a pretty big dent in your wallet.  I spent $20 to visit the marketplace and parked for free in the Century City mall, timing my visit to exactly less than the free three hours allotted by Westfield Corp.

Despite my limited knitting skills, I enjoy mooning over the yarn.  So much texture and color!  I just want to roll around in it. I’ve also have spent several years making Kumihimo and sewn silk cords for my jewelry.  All you really have to do is wave a couple of brightly colored fibers in my face and I’ll follow you like a puppy.

The first thing I did was get television knitting maven Vickie Howell to sign one of her books.  When she saw my little edition, she sighed and said crisply, “That book’s out of print.”  I wasn’t sure where the message was in this cryptic statement, but I just gave her a dazzling, goofy smile and told her how valuable I found her tome.  This may have helped Vicki make the effort spell my name correctly, a rare event at a book signing.

Yarn girls are quite colorful, whether they are in their 70s on their 20s, and often very chic, despite their casual appearance. One of the oldest and most sophisticated woman I spotted helping someone learn to knit could have strolled unnoticed down Park Avenue in New York, easily blending in with the pack, except for her white hair, which was woven with purple tips.

Attending the marketplace was a fashion show in itself, as so many of the women sported their handmade clothing.

I took great pains to put on the financial brakes, telling myself to think about the fortune I had saved illegally parking at the mall. I only went a little out of control when I purchased  Habu silk yarn and thread.  On these I hang my polymer and metal clay pendants, and this yarn brand is tough to find.

When I wasn’t trying not to be blinded by the vivid colors that surrounded me, and the women often wearing them, I also examined the offbeat that was on display.

It is hard to believe, but there actually were people attending Vogue Knitting Live! who did not care about fiber.



  1. I love seeing young people pick up yarn and get creative!! For many years it seemed that crochet and knitting would die off with our grandmothers!! Now it has a new spirit!!

  2. I saved SO MUCH $$$ by not being there!

    And…re:Kathy’s post…seems to me that everything creative cycles.

  3. It was fun to see the youthful knitters. They were the ones wearing some of the most complicated knitted and crocheted clothing.

  4. Knitting was my first foray into the creative world followed closly by textile painting, followed by………et al. I still have a great love of fiber, wish I had been able to go to the show, I even missed the Textile Show at the Mart this year. Loved hearing about your adventure.

  5. I bet you thought you’d died and gone to Heaven. I felt that way when I finally got to The Mannings in Pa for a weaving class. So much yarn it made my head spin (and my pocket book.)

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