Posted by: cassymuronaka | October 11, 2011

I take it back: Your hearing is fine, but you really need to worry about your decreasing ability to see


Me: I don’t know whether I should buy one of these hats.  I already have a Halloween witch hat, but I love the veil with the spiders all over it.

Spouse:  You want to see what you look like wearing it?  I can take a photo. You look kind of cute in it.

Me: Okay, shall I act very, very sweet?

Spouse: Whatever.

Me: Will you try to take a good picture of me, for once?

Spouse: Whatever.

Me:  How does it look?

Spouse:  It’s a nice photo. I think you’ll like it. Look…

Me: Very funny.

Spouse:  What…..?

Me: SERIOUSLY?!  I look like Adolf Hitler. How did you not notice that spider on my upper lip?

Spouse:  Whatever.



  1. I think it is an hilarious picture. David has shown unexpected comic photographic talent.

  2. You do really love Halloween, don’t you?

    • I am, and always have been, a mighty sap for Halloween.

  3. Up to no good again? 🙂

  4. Was that spider on the netting? How perfect.. My husband wouldn’t have noticed it either.

    • Indeed it was a spider. Can you believe it?

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