Posted by: cassymuronaka | September 6, 2011

How can I miss you if you haven’t left yet?

So the labradoodle is gone, having been retrieved by my sister and stuffed in a dog crate for the freeway voyage back to West Los Angeles.  Apparently, he whined all the way home, which had nothing to do with missing my dogs or my family; he’s just not a car canine.

However, the college transfer student remains ensconced in Casa de Muronaka, allegedly packing for the big move to the University of California at Santa Cruz next week, when he officially begins his life as a UCSC banana slug (the school mascot).

Actually, I have seen the partially-filled boxes, and among my son’s possessions are some of my own. He took a small fan, my hair dryer (which I spotted early in the packing and have already replaced), my unisex green Costco bathrobe (to walk to and from the bathrooms on the co-ed dorm floor) and one of two new blankets I bought at the end of last winter. I’m sure I’ll discover what else struck Jake’s fancy the week after he leaves, when I reach for something and it’s not there.

My child was not emailed a time in which to report for the 2011-2012 transfer student ribbon cutting at the dormitory where he will be residing. Controlling the flow of cars and humans during move-in day at a dormitory is not unusual at big universities like my alma mater, UCLA, a school that is so large that it might as well be its own country.

But all transfer students and their parental units may enter the Santa Cruz campus dormitories and apartments beginning at 8 am, so I would imagine that there will be some anal-retentive parents standing nose-to-nose at dorm entrances, ready to storm the gates, from about 6:59 am onward.

We’ll probably be among that group, since we made the decision to dump our only child off at his new home with all of his stolen booty, give him a big kiss, a small lecture, sob briefly, and then blow back to La-la-land almost immediately.  My husband has to work the Emmy Awards the following weekend, and Hollywood must be served.



  1. Reminds me of the great Dan Hicks & the Hot Licks song.

    • Very true.

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