Posted by: cassymuronaka | September 5, 2011

I am so glad my son will be on the university dorm meal plan…

… so that he doesn’t see this new line of DiGiorno frozen pizzas any time soon at a supermarket.  You can get one with hot wings, instead of the cookies, too.

I would probably sit and eat the cookie dough while the pizza was cooking in the oven.





  1. Hurray for DiGiorno and campus meals. When I was a freshman at UCLA I lived in a co-op and signed on as the food manager to reduce my fees. (Tuition was a whopping $50 a semester). I lived across the street from University HS and took the bus to campus and to the grocery store. Good times!

    • Campus meals were pretty terrible when I was at UCLA. And once you were down that hill from the dorms, you never wanted to hike back up it to eat. You also had to be downstairs by 8 am to get the worst’s most terrible bag lunch, if you wanted to bring something down to campus. Times have changed.

  2. Good Lord, I am hungry

  3. I saw those at the grocery when my daughter and I decided to seek out Wyngz after seeing this on the Colbert Report.—wyngz—wal-mart

    I mean really! hahaha

    • OMG, I just went and looked at the video. I had no idea that the wynz weren’t really wings.

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