Posted by: cassymuronaka | August 31, 2011

Involuntary pack-building

Dear Jamey,

I hope you are enjoying your Alaskan cruise.

Well, as usual, there are new developments to report on the annual involuntary pack-building between your dog and my two.

Actually, there is no pack, at the moment.

Lola, who usually runs up to my bedroom and hides when Toby arrives, has mellowed somewhat. One could not call her “companionable,” but she has not growled once at your labradoodle.

However, Red Dog, our Alpha, went into a serious state of shock and recognition when Toby arrived last Wednesday.  She stalked out the dog door and more or less remained on the outdoor porch for two days in a giant canine sulk. She then grudgingly returned, but spent another couple of days outside again, sprawled in front of the dog door whenever she sensed that Toby would like to either go in or out of the backyard. We were quite surprised when Toby finally took a running leap through the kitchen, bolted through the door, and blew Red Dog over on her side on the backyard porch. That ended the dog door blockade.

Clearly, the young Toby continues to be an alpha-in-training, although he learned long that one must plan very carefully for an assault on Red Dog. She may be aging, but she is no less competitive.

Lola, however,  is no threat to him.  He merely leaps over her if she in his way.

Nevertheless, Lola and Red Dog are not stupid.  And they have arrived at an unspoken agreement regarding our bedroom. A new blockade was constructed by both of our dogs shortly after the kitchen incident.  Toby was not allowed anywhere near the dominant humans’ bed, and he was hard-pressed to try and enter their bedroom.

Our son periodically carried the Doodle over the thresh-hold for a little evening playtime until Toby figured out that once the old dogs had fallen asleep at night, he could tiptoe by the vigilant but increasingly deaf Red Dog and conduct a silent invasion of the room and its wonderland of old tennis balls and snoring people.

I woke up with Toby draped around my neck this morning.

You sister, Cassy
P.S. Are you tired of salmon yet?



  1. This makes me think about when we had dogs and 1) miss the shenanigans and 2) be glad I don’t have animals anymore. Good luck to you. Alaska cruises are lots of fun. My husband didn’t touch one salmon the whole time.

  2. See, Cassy- I told you you would have fun with Toby there. Isn’t it wonderful when they surprise the Humans with just how inteligent they( they being the canine) really are?

    • Lisa, when my sister read your comment on my last dog-related post, she emailed me, “Lisa Heller is my new favorite person.”

      • Aw, shucks. I’m honored.
        Hope Dave’s prediction comes true!

  3. I predict that you’ll wake up with all 3 dogs draped on you

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