Posted by: cassymuronaka | August 23, 2011

Love us tender

My life gets more complicated tomorrow, when my sister once again drops off her dog at my house so that she and her family can sail away on an Alaskan cruise.

Unlike my two aged beasts, Toby is young and full of zip-a-dee-labradoodle. Fortunately, he is also a HE.  We already have plenty of canine estrogen floating around here, and we don’t need another girl dog who always wants her way. It’s hard enough living with two females who regularly go eyeball to eyeball over toys, bones, territory, and people they love, without adding a third to the mix.

As grateful as she is to to be able to deposit her baby boy with family members that her little dog knows, my sister probably has mixed feelings about leaving him here.  On one hand, we are stricter about him following commands.  That’s good.  On the other hand, we let him flip completely out of control when we are playing with him.  My bedspread looks about five years older than it should because of the hundreds of circles this dog maniacally runs on it when we are horsing around with him. Not so good.

I know that I really need to watch my step with Toby and the girls during this particular visit. Sometimes there’s just too much canine love bouncing off the walls. The labradoodle hasn’t even arrived and I’ve already become victim to the sweet-natured but rough attentions of one of my own animals, when this morning she stretched out a paw to keep my mind on her and not on my husband  Her nails, which I now know need trimming, left a 7″ scratch on my arm, a wound that probably will turn into a thin but permanent scar that will always remind me of her long after she has gone to Dog Heaven.



  1. oops sorry for the tough canine love,they look so adorable yet they can do much harm…

  2. Nice Photos !

  3. Yowch! Cute dogs, though!

  4. Oh, Cassy, just think of the FUN you will have!! Your blog last year during Toby’s visit was one of my all-time-favorites. The little tune you wrote (and I confess, I sang it right along to the tune of Hello Muddah, hello Faddah–)along with the great photos- my fav being the one of Toby on the sofa where he had a great view of outdoors- and oh yes- his rib bone in someone elses mouth- well, the whole thing was hysterical and very well thought out. The photo of him in your lap with the rabbit ears was a real keeper too. Keep us posted, OK?
    Now, about your arm. I used to never treat something like that preferring to let my bodys own immune system take care of it, believing it made my system stronger and to a point, that is true, but it also left me much more scarred than I could have been. The older I get, the slower I heal. I would like to suggest NEOSPORIN. It’s amazing. Takes away the red and if you get the pain releaving type, the soreness goes quickly too. Helps heal faster with less scarring. NOW, would someone please kick out the soapbox upon which I stand?

    • Going for that Neosporin, Lisa, along with the Aloe my husband touted (helps with the scar). And thanks for remembering last year’s post. I did have an awful lot of fun writing it.

  5. Love the dog picture!

  6. Was it Red Dog or Lola that supplied the scar?

    • That would be darling Red dog. Jake has an even better scar on the back of his leg from Lola when she was a puppy.

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