Posted by: cassymuronaka | June 29, 2011

Pastel Inchies

I am not sure what I am eventually going to do with what I anticipate may end up being a vast Inchies collection in the future. I suppose I could cover an entire wall with tiny little colorful tiles acquired from polymer clay guild swaps.

Making polymer clay Inchies is a relatively non-threatening way to participate in a swap. Newbies can go toe-to-toe with more experienced polymer clay artists, because creating a one-inch piece of art that probably will be used in a mosaic isn’t that big of a brain drain.  If you want to go crazy and make a tiny little masterpiece, you can.  But designing the Inchies does not have to suck up a large chunk of your life, and the challenge that is presented to your creative muse is relatively modest.

The above is the result of the second Inchies swap by the Orange County Polymer Clay Guild in Southern California.  The theme was “pastel.” And while some of the members wandered a bit off the pastel highway, I think the results work well together.  I wouldn’t give up the little dragon for anything.


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