Posted by: cassymuronaka | April 27, 2011


I first had to shake off the image of Malcolm McDowell leering and coming at me with a baton while warbling “Singing in the Rain” before I could fully take in the inventory of Droog, the endearing furniture and home accessory emporium that I recently toured in Nevada.

Droog is furniture at its most playful. The Dutch company’s website explains that it “creates products, projects and events around the world in collaboration with designers, clients and partners.”

If you have to ask how much anything costs at Droog — which has several locations — you can’t afford it. Its modern furniture is directly aimed at the anti-stylists who want to make a design statement in their homes.

And that statement is going to be eccentric.

One of the pieces which immediately drew me to it was a chest of drawers constructed from old drawers encased in a custom frame. The haphazard placement of the drawers is a literal interpretation of my own personal filing system, including the deceptively simplistic addition of the burlap strap barely holding everything together. The looney “Alice in Wonderland” quality of of the chest of drawers would make it the perfect addition to my studio, if only I could afford it.

Got some frustrations to work out? Well, hammer the hell out of Droog’s “Do Hit Chair,” designed by Marijn van der Poll. For only $6,800, you purchase a large square of 1.25mm stainless steel. An equally large sledgehammer accompanies the chair, so that you may channel your inner lumberjack and shape the chair any which way you like.

Not everything at Droog is designed to evoke humor. The exquisitely carved Godogan table, part of which has been tortuously carved into a pattern of tadpoles evolving into frogs is just a plain ole work of art.  The table, carved in Indonesia, apparently is based on a local folk tale.  Total cost:  a cool $36,5000.

As exorbitant as that is,  it’s a complete bargain up against a simple red, yellow, black and blue chair constructed of Legos and priced at $72,000. I suppose if you loved the chair enough, and didn’t have the cash to buy it, you could probably out how to make it online. Just about everything has been made of Legos by someone, at one time or another And Google is the internet surfer’s best friend.

Greener and probably a more approachable for the average DIY-er is the incredibly comfortable Rag Chair, which honestly, just looks like strips and pieces of fabric held together with that metal strapping around the box containing the refrigerator you once bought for yourself. Purchase the chair ready-made at Droog, and it’s $6,200.

For the life of me, I can’t find the name of this last set of furniture items, but its design will ring a big bell for anyone who has ever tried to feed an unfocused toddler in a high chair. The spaghetti exploding everywhere in this photo is just rope. Even better,  there’s no sauce to mop up off the table, floor or child.



  1. Those drawers would be perfect for my husbands office, him of the stash of canceled checks from the 80’s.

  2. I couldn’t get out of my head the incredible amount of damage my 3 cats would do to the ‘spaghetti’ table.

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