Posted by: cassymuronaka | April 24, 2011

Random cool Las Vegas architecture

I am pretty sure this is my last Las Vegas post.  Hopefully, by now, those of you who have never had any interest in drinking, gambling, and floor shows starring people who try to look and sing like they are the raised-from-the-dead members of the Rat Pack will see that there actually is something to appreciate on and off the blinding light and ear-assaulting section of Las Vegas Boulevard that forms most people’s opinion of the city.

Actually, The Strip probably forms most people’s opinion of the entire state of Nevada.

There was nothing in the way of notable architecture when I lived there either, except for the new city hall building they built shortly before I left. And it was only worth appreciating for an amusement factor. An inadvertent wind tunnel was created at its entrance by the architect or contractors responsible for the building. When the weather got windy, which was always, somehow a suction effect occurred and you couldn’t open or shut the front doors.

There is a serious amount of money being poured into the real estate and landscape design of the city today. Or there was, before the big crash.

I end the subject of Las Vegas with some random images reflecting some of the lovely architecture of this city.


  1. Great pic of the Frank Genry-designed building, well done.

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