Posted by: cassymuronaka | April 19, 2011

The Cosmopolitan at Las Vegas

“I want to live here forever,” sighed my son of The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, after watching countless young women teeter by in short cocktail dresses and potentially ankle-breaking heels clutching — what else — Cosmopolitan cocktails in their hands.

The newest of Las Vegas’ grand hotels opened in mid-December. Mild-mannered on its exterior, it is an interior visual knockout.  The theme screams “Sex in the City,” with its miles of crystals draped and dripping from the ceiling.  Just about everything reeks of class and artistic intention.

You can spend an hour just dreamily watching the colors and patterns of the light installations alter at the hotel entrance.  They put the famous color-changing pylons at Los Angeles International Airport completely to shame.

Unlike some of the monster gambling palaces in other parts of the Las Vegas, many of which appear to have been designed as big for the sake of being big, the money funding the Cosmopolitan has been cash well spent.  There are no endlessly long halls with a lot blank wall space,  Modern art is displayed on several floors, for the non-gamblers among us.  And in that collection of at there is something for everyone, everything from Jules Verne-inspired steampunk machines to giant high heels.

Some of the sculpture is interactive too, including a log with chair back rests thoughtfully anchored into it.

I acknowledge that we took full advantage of this kind of fun sculpture, photographing each other with some of the art that we loved most, although we did not drunkenly climb inside one of the giant high heels on display, which apparently has happened so often that both of the sculptures have been partly damaged.

The restaurant buffet is not typical, nor is the pool, which deliberately laps right up and over the concrete.

The hotel buffet was not designed to be the average gorge-fest.  Instead, small servings of gourmet offerings already are plated — a la dim sum — and desserts are bite-sized: the better to sample the variety and not waste chow.

I can attest to the divinity of the buffet, because this was one of our meal splurges. A hotel room is a little out of my price range right now, but prices drop as the temperature soars in summer.  The concierge also tells me that tours of some of the more glorious rooms are offered twice a day, at 11 and 5 pm.


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