Posted by: cassymuronaka | April 18, 2011

Wine Angels

Half of the reason I suggested celebrating my son’s 21st birthday in Las Vegas was because I wanted to see the Wine Angels at Mandelay Bay’s Aureole restaurant.

This is exactly the kind of thing that you only find in Las Vegas. Except for one brief period in the 1990s when it toyed with the idea of becoming a family fun destination, Las Vegas always has been the adult Disneyland, perpetually searching for the newest attraction that will keep the visiting public well-oiled and entertained while the cash flows ever westward.

The Wine Angels fit that definition, and observing them in action is a little bit like watching a sexy Disneyland ride.

Dressed completely in black, and resembling nothing so much as slinky cat burglars, the Wine Angels are strapped to a some kind of pulley that allows them to sail up and and down a giant glass tower in order to retrieve bottles of wine ordered by customers at the expensive restaurant. They rotate between all four sides of their tall glass cage, so that diners and visitors can get a view of their acrobatics, which include performing expert somersaults and hanging attractively upside down before flipping back up, zooming skyward, grabbing a bottle of wine, and, finally, returning to earth.

Other than working at one of any number of Cirque de Soleil shows, this might be the most athletic and demanding job in all of Glitter Gulch. And the women do it with a perpetual smile on their faces. They also have a soft spot for small fry. There is a little deck on the second floor where tourists may watch the angels up close.. Stairs surround the tower and lead down to the restaurant, which is another view-spot. If the women spot youngsters, they make a point of zipping up or down so that the kids can watch them perform a flip or two.



  1. I ate one of the best meals of my life there, and was CHARMED by the wine angles. This was a decade ago. Sounds like it still rocks.

    • You’ll have to tell me about the meal and I’ll live vicariously through your experience.

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