Posted by: cassymuronaka | April 15, 2011

Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink

There is something endlessly fascinating about the outdoors Dancing Waters light display at the Bellagio on the Las Vegas Strip. Because it covers a lot more territory, and it’s located at the entrance to the hotel, Dancing Waters is far easier to gain visual access to than the Pirate battle or the Volcano explosion at Treasure Island (now known as TI) and the Mirage. Dancing Waters also is a lot more entertaining, if you are a visitor who is older than eight-years-old.

This particular light and water entertainment is one of the few displays at night on Las Vegas Boulevard now that doesn’t completely assault your eyes and ears. Driving down the Strip without rear-ending or knocking a pedestrian down is a formidable challenge now. Tourists, sober and not, routinely ignore traffic lights, and there are so many giant moving screens and loud sound systems at door-to-door hotels and shopping centers that you feel like you are stuck in the middle of a scene from “Blade Runner.” It’s almost impossible to concentrate on driving your car without being completely distracted.

Not surprisingly, water has become a valuable theme to this most famous of desert communities. Far more surreal, but entertaining in its own way is the light display show at the Wynn, with its giant frog, a pointless but eye-catching addition to the show. To view this from its best angle, you have to cough up for food or cocktails to catch catch a seat at one of the hotel’s cafes, or peer at it through large glass doors just outside.



  1. We love Las Vegas although don’t gamble. Travel tips: We avoid driving on the Strip for the reasons Cassy mentions but we like to walk along it and gape at things like replicas of the Eiffel Tower and Staute of Liberty. The roads that run parallel to the Strip behind the hotels are useful for entering hotel parking lots. Someday want to try The Deuce, the inexpensive buses that run up and down the Strip. Along with the fountains at Bellagio, highly recommend The Conservatory inside Bellagio, where there are beautiful floral displays that change with the seasons.

  2. All I could think of when I saw that giant frog looking at all those people was ‘who’s lunchtime is it?’

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