Posted by: cassymuronaka | April 5, 2011

Embarrassingly easy to entertain

I have often said that it takes very little to entertain me.  So it was that on my big birthday a couple of weeks ago, when I had a variety of choices laid out in front of me on how to celebrate, I ended up visiting the Laguna Design Center, in affluent Laguna Nigel, where my husband and I spent a ridiculous amount of time exploring a very high-end bathroom and fixtures store.

In lieu of actually having the money to furnish my home spectacularly, I do thoroughly enjoy fantasizing that I have the greenbacks to do so. I also greatly value the artistic lengths to which commercial America goes to design products that will suck up cash from those who have lots of it.

Living in Southern California, I have plenty of opportunities to visit filthy-rich communities where I will never be able to live, unless I pen that Great American Novel that my husband desperately keeps hoping that I will write. Because it is California, life is casual, and appearances can be deceptive. The ratty-looking man who wanders into a snooty restaurant in Los Angeles easily can turn out to be a badly-aging rock star who has been very comfortably “retired” for two decades.

Thus, if you are intelligently inquisitive or well informed about their field of inventory, most people running retail establishments in these wealthy areas will treat you with respect and interest, no matter how poorly-funded you appear. It also helps if you loudly use the word “fabulous” and the phrase ” I love this” any number of times.

My husband and I were completely enchanted with just about everything displayed at B&C Select Custom Hardware & Bath. While my spouse probably was most heavily drawn to an enormous streamlined bathtub that looked like it was built for an NFL tackle, I was entranced by any number of gorgeous glass sinks, all of which I knew would break accidentally within five minutes of their installation in my home, clod that I am.  But there also were bowls of pounded metal and one spectacular standing sink with a free form outline that I would absolutely kill to own.

Faucets and sink handles that were fantastic in design were exhibited everywhere. You could get a dragon, a crystal starfish; even something that looked like it had come off of Gustav Klimt’s drawing board. I’d never seen anything remotely resembling such gorgeous, exotic bathroom offerings at Ye Olde Home Depot or Lowe’s. Considerably more than half of the inventory at the Laguna Nigel store looked like it belonged in a museum, not a bath and hardware store.

We spent several minutes talking to one of the proprietors/designers about various eye-catching lines, as well as the store’s mascot, a mounted deer head named “Buttercup” who wore a shower cap, towel and soap rope.

Ultimately, we proved to this polite man what total rubes we really were, when both my husband and I became riveted by three toilets with built-in movement sensors. Each toilet top automatically flipped up as a potential user approached.

We were so engrossed with these devices that we probably spent 15 minutes walking back and forth in front of them, watching them open and close, and trying to figure out from what angle we would have to walk to make just one seat activate. We made such a spectacle of ourselves photographing the toilets and giggling with delight that eventually we realized that we had become the subject of great scrutiny by the same gentleman who had answered several questions about the deer head and various bathroom fixture just a few minutes earlier. I hope he can forgive us if he ever sees this post.

B&C Select Custom Hardware and Bath
23811 Aliso Creek Road, Suite 102
Laguna Nigel, CA 92677
(949) 362-8160



  1. But really: Who would need a toilet with a built-in sensor device to raise the lid? Doesn’t take much energy to raise the lid. But I guess need has nothing to do with it.

    • Germaphobes.

  2. LOL at the rising toilet lids. Also love the shower-capped deer head. Ah, life is good in Laguna.

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