Posted by: cassymuronaka | March 7, 2011

Fading away

I can barely type this sentence, but I am turning 60 on Wednesday, and, until the last couple of days when some of my presents arrived early, I have had zero sense of humor on this subject.

Many of my loved ones have been thrilled at the prospect of helping me celebrate, but this is not exactly a birthday where I want everyone bursting through the door with pom-poms. My husband is going to take the day off on Wednesday, probably to make sure I don’t throw myself off a freeway overpass. I think we might drive out to Palm Springs, so we can creak around the desert with all the retired B-list movie stars and elderly lesbian professional golfers.

Last night, as I slogged through the every-increasing piles of notes I write to myself and the stories and photos I tear out of magazines — I seem to be powerless to toss away my scissors when I read anything but a book — I landed upon a photograph of my mother and me when we visited the Rose Parade floats this year in outer Pasadena, on January 2. And this photograph did give me a rather large yuk.

The chance to have one’s photo taken was being offered at no charge at a booth near the floats. My mother leaped at this Photo-Op, because even though I am a photographer, I rarely want my image enshrined for posterity. I felt no differently that day, bundled up as I was like Ralphie’s little brother in “A Christmas Story.” (It seemed like it was about 3-below, weather-wise, for a Southern Californian)

But my mother prevailed.

The camera was a little point-and-shoot set on “auto”, and the woman using it had no photography knowledge whatsoever, as she later admitted when she surveyed the the less-than-perfect photo we were kindly handed in its commemorative sleeve.

When the flash went off in our faces, it exposed for the most dominant color in the foreground. And that was our big black coats.

Without getting any more technical about cameras, what resulted was gross over-exposure of our faces. Both my my mother and I look like we are slowly fading away from this world, my 85-year-old mother much much more so than I.

This might not normally have been very funny, except that the group sponsoring the free photos was the Alzheimer’s Association.

We were so doubled up with laughter when we saw the photograph that we could barely walk to the next set of floats.



  1. At least you are smiling. Happy Birthday! Once you sail past 65 you won’t worry about birthdays so much. You don’t see Dotty, Myra and me moping about. (Mainly because we do our moping out of sight) LOL

    • Hahahahaha.

  2. Neither one of you looks your age. 🙂 60 ain’t got nothin’ on you. Kick its BUTT.

    • Thanks, and I will make that attempt tomorrow!

  3. Damn funny. Damn funny.

    You know what? You’re going to be fine, I bet, just because you’re so involved in the world.

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