Posted by: cassymuronaka | March 5, 2011

Paranormal activitity and the Year of the Rabbit

Earlier this week, a friend and I were posing questions to each other that everyone does during their lifetime. Have you ever experienced anything psychic or paranormal? And do these occurrences happen accidentally or because we simply have not developed far enough as a species to understand them?

What does that other 98 percent of the brain that even Einstein never used really do? Most importantly, if you concentrate long enough, can you really will yourself into coming up with the right Super Lotto numbers?

Everyone has strange stories. I only have a couple, and ghosts don’t figure in either of them. There was that time in junior high school that every time I turned on the radio, it would be playing a song that had just been in my head. That lasted two weeks and then abruptly stopped.

Another time, I was driving down the Santa Monica Freeway one night with a friend when we were UCLA students. It was about 3 am, and there were no cars on either side of the freeway either in front of or behind us for about 100 yards. The freeway also had sound walls or fences on either side of it. Suddenly, a three- or four-foot tall spinning silver disc that definitely was not a giant hubcab shot across the freeway horizontally in front of us. It hopped over the center divider without hitting it, and kept on going. It was at least 30 seconds before either my friend or I was composed enough to ask the other, “Did you see that?”

The most bizarre occurrence was the night my four-year-old son completely freaked me out when he began correctly citing answers to the multiplication tables, unsolicited. Not being a Tiger Mother, I had never tried to teach him anything significant at that time other than why he no longer needed to drink bah-bahs, how to use the potty, and when go in and thank his grandmothers for a gift.

Curious, I sat down and started tossing numbers at him. He got up to 21 X 21, with me checking each answer on a calculator — I had never gotten past 10 X 10 myself — before he heaved a huge sigh and burst into tears.

He did the same thing the next night, but this time only reaching 17 X 17 before he began fumbling. By the third night, the ability to multiply was completely gone. I still have no idea to what Twilight Zone his four-year-old mind had wandered briefly to draw upon the remarkable arithmetical information.

I had a little brush with psychic desires last weekend when I went to the Hsi Lai temple to photograph the what was still left over from Chinese New Year. This Buddhist temple, the largest on the west coast, happens to be a mile or so from my house.

For several years now, I have photographed the giant celebration on the day or weekend of the Chinese New Year, but this year I was down with the plague that struck most of LA county a month or so ago.

The temple decorations do not vary much from year to year, except for the ones pertaining to the featured animal of the Chinese astrological calendar. This is the Year of the Rabbit, the year in which I was born, and one which I had not previously photographed. I was quite unhappy about missing the party.

And while the decorations remain in place for several weeks, I procrastinated one day too long about going up to the temple. The colorful decor was in the process of being dismantled on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, when I finally got my butt over there.

All of the giant rabbit balloons and bunny signs already had been taken down inside the temple’s grand plaza. I was completely crushed. However, the monks had not gotten to the outside displays yet, some of which were new additions.

So I plodded up and down the steep hill, photographing what was left, but bumming the whole time on why I had been so stupid to wait until the last minute to photograph the displays for my very own astrological sign, which was not going to show up again for another 12 years. And I was going to be something like 110-years-old when that happened.

When I completed shooting all that I could for the day, I lowered my camera and dejectedly began climbing the hill to the lot where I had parked. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a large gray rabbit streaked in front of me. When it saw me, it stopped dead in its tracks to briefly survey me, no doubt trying to figure out if I was a some kind of predator. What ever the decision was, the rabbit proceeded to race up the hill to the temple, as I stood there, slack-jawed.

Maybe it was luck or maybe it was because I really needed a rabbit that Sunday and willed it there, but I got one after all.

Next week, I work on Lotto numbers.



  1. I don’t know exactly if this qualifies as psychic but it was definitely strange. For years, I had a recurring dream, of a room I walked into but did not recognize. It was dark and damp and lit from above and that was it. Just a few seconds- no words or speaking or even anyone else. It increased through the years to the point of occurring at least once a week. In 1994, while a at Valley Hope, one of the best residential (alcohol) treatment centers in the country- on a hot Sunday afternoon, some of us were enjoying the town’s swimming pool. After awhile, a couple of us girls went to the restroom- you know a womans inability to go to a restroom by herself- when I literally walked into my dream. It was an older, olympic sized above ground pool with it’s dressing & rest rooms tucked under the edges of the pool itself. The lighting was natural and from above. It was dark and damp. It was exactly as my dream. Now, I know what you may be thinking- that’s just a little woo-woo and besides, she was in treatment for alcohol. But, at that point , I had already been sober for several weeks. The dream has never recurred. I no longer believe in coincidence. I believe when something like that happens, it it up to me to figure out the meaning of what happened. For me, it was that I was in the exact place where I was meant to be- as it is for you, Cassy to figure out the meaning of the Rabbit. It was not a coincidence.
    Well- you may ask- did it work? Yes, it worked -just for today. If I make it until June ( I should, doncha know) I will have 17 years sobriety. Every day is a gift. My new addiction- going on 18 years- and you may have it too- polymer clay.

    • I think that counts, for sure. And congratulations on maintaining your sobriety!

  2. Great post, Cassy

    • Thanks Dave, I had fun writing this one.

  3. When my daughter was about 3 years old she had a bad dream, and the only thing i could get out of her about it was “The boy doesn’t want to be like the black man!’
    The next day my former next-door-neighbour rang me out of the blue – she, her husband and her son (7) had lived next door for a few months then moved to the other side of the country, a month or so earlier. They were Africans, from Zimbabwe, and the only black people we knew (we live in New Zealand), and she was calling from the local Women’s Refuge Centre where she had gone with her son when her husband had hit her the night before.

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