Posted by: cassymuronaka | February 26, 2011

Suiting up for the Academy Awards

Yesterday, my husband marched off in the early morning to fight the good fight at the Kodak theater in Hollywood. He will not return until Monday, because he, like hundreds of other photographers, writers and editors from press organizations around the world, will be covering the Academy Awards.

As I stood in the doorway of our home wearing 10-year-old pajamas and a pre-shower coiffure that was flat on one side of my head and on standing on end on the right (I like to sleep on my left), my husband saluted me and headed off for the three-day assault on the Red Carpet. After he drove off, I went back to bed for another hour of sleep.

Late the previous night, he had packed up several days worth of underwear, t-shirts and jeans, along with his version of the Oscars flak jacket: a tuxedo. This was the last part of a well-rehearsed ritual. It followed a trip to the local supermarket, where he loaded up on super-size bags of salty and sugary snacks, as well as two large jugs of Coke Zero. He and his co-workers will consume every bit of these discount treats when they prepare and test equipment for the show and then actually begin transmitting photos back to the Los Angeles Times. They will do this without once raiding the pricey stash in the hotel refrigerator where they are staying, an establishment located directly across the street from the Kodak.

All of this junk food apparently is needed to make the newspaper deadline and keep the washed and unwashed masses constantly apprised online of who won what for which film. Equally important: the carbo-fuled snacks are needed to muster and maintain the adrenalin needed to chronicle the much-watched parade down the Red Carpet.

The Oscars are the last and grandest event in what is known as “Awards Season” around here in Los Angeles. New York may have its “Fashion Week,” but what goes down the Red Carpet in Lotusland is viewed by millions of people around the world, none of whom are interested in emaciated models slithering down Manhattan runways. They want to see what movie stars are wearing, although some of them will settle for a Kardashian or two.

Since I began watching the E! channel’s “Fashion Police” this year, I have kept track of Hollywood’s glittery stomp-out and the fashion patterns evidenced by various actors and actresses throughout the Golden Globes, the SAG Awards, and the Grammys. Right now, I can promise you that Olivia Wilde will look amazing, Anne Hathaway will don a series of stunning dresses during her co-hosting duties at the awards show, and Julianne Moore will choose yet another hideous dress that does not flatter her body. But the color might be okay.

The snarky Helena Bonham Carter also will mug dramatically for the media when she gives another comical tip of her hat to the entire televised Red Carpet death march by showing up in another deliberately outrageous dress, possibly again with shoes in unmatched colors.


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