Posted by: cassymuronaka | January 22, 2011

Mama Bear and Bottles of Hope

One of the kindest hearts in the polymer clay world, and one of its enormously talented Founding Mama Bears, is artist Marie Segal.

Marie and Dr. Danielle Casden, from the Moores (c.q.) Cancer Center at the University of California at San Diego, display and discuss Bottles of Hope in a brief YouTube video that they filmed a week ago Friday.

When you go to the San Diego Polymer Clay Guild‘s annual Sandy Camp retreat in October, it is understood that you will make a Bottle of Hope while you are there. Guild members rhythmically beat the drums for attendees to make at least one BOH, which then are donated to cancer sufferers. It’s a lot of fun to watch the used and discarded medicine bottles stack up in a display area in the Sandy Camp work tent, after they are beautifully embellished and converted to objects of good cheer.

Naturally, you don’t have to go to Sandy Camp to make a Bottle of Hope. Polymer clay guilds across the nation routinely encourage members to decorate medicine and prescription bottles with polymer clay and donate them with a kind note expressing well wishes for the bottle’s recipient.

Marie and Howard Segal run the Clay Factory of Escondido. I spent years attending the SDPCG Clay Days there, and those monthly Sundays single handedly guided my development and fed my enthusiasm for polymer clay in my early years of learning the medium. As she still is, Marie was a fount of information, which she freely shared in spontaneous demonstrations. After having just the briefest of conversations with her, you walked away with your head bursting with new ideas. She knew everyone in polymer clay, and what the latest technique was coming down the pike.

Howard is a cancer survivor, and although Marie has a personal stake in keeping up the spirits of other people battling cancer in its various forms, I have no doubt that she would have made this video even if Howard had not gotten the disease. She is just that kind of person.

Visit Marie’s blog and website; they both always are treats.

For more information on Bottles of Hope, and how to design them, check out Crafty Goat’s Notes, which has terrific information and a tutorial on how to make a Bottle of Hope with polymer clay.


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