Posted by: cassymuronaka | January 20, 2011

The Vanishing

My cellphone disappeared about three weeks ago.  This the third cellphone that I have lost since the second Gulf War began.

I can track how long it has been since my the first cellphone disappeared because I lost it when I was at lunch with my computer tekkie husband one weekend when he received a phone call from an LA Times photographer in Baghdad who needed help transmitting photos. My husband and the photographer talked for about 3/4 of an hour.  The cost of that phone call alone probably is why the LA Times had to raise the price of buying a newspaper.

Once it was over, my husband finished his sandwich, we walked out the door of the rustic restaurant, and my phone, which may have fallen out on a bench, was never seen again.

I left my second cellphone phone at another restaurant, only this one was Canada. My phone was brand new.

When I called the restaurant, a helpful waitress who did not own a cellphone herself said that she that, yes, the phone was right here, and she would love to send it back to me, but she couldn’t, because we stupid Americans were on Orange Alert, and the U.S. government would not allow it to be mailed because it might be a disguised terrorist device that should be opened, taken to a safe area, and blown to smithereens.

I told the waitress to consider the phone a present from the paranoid American government.

I manged to hold on to the next phone I got for a while.  Despite the fact that it was a fairly minimalist model, my husband insisted on insuring it. I suffered in silence with its Neanderthal texting system for two years until I was permitted by both my husband and Verizon to upgrade.

It took me less than a year to lose my much-adored Droid.  This misadventure occurred somewhere between making a phone call in the parking lot of the San Gabriel Bead Company and the next day at home, when I decided to go to the City of Industry post office, where I generally play Shanghai on my phone because it often has long lines.

The evaporation of third cellphone has been particularly painful, not just because of the unmerciful — albeit justified — ridicule I have endured from my spouse, but because I have come to rely up on the phone’s internet and GPS service almost as much as the companionship of my old dogs.

Aggravating the embarrassing Droid situation is the fact that two weeks before it disappeared, I also lost my wrap-around black prescription sunglasses, which, in my more deluded moments, I fancy look like the same ones Audrey Hepburn wore in “Two for the Road.”

And after that disaster, I then misplaced every bit of copper jewelry electroform work that I have been doing for several months.

All of these cataclysms occurred near the end of the holiday season, when the interior of my house looks like a herd of buffalo ran through it.  It still does, which has made searching for all of the lost possessions all that much more difficult.

Eventually, my sister discovered my sunglasses in the back of her car, and my husband found all of my copper jewelry “right where it should be” (his words).

In the most stunning development of all, the Droid turned up. This occurred literally minutes after I had power restored to my nasty old cellphone, which I was going to have to use for a year until Verizon Plan Renewal time rolled around again and I was able to buy  another semi-wonderful cellphone at a price that would not mortgage my son’s ongoing college education.

The Droid was in the pocket of my bathrobe.



  1. OMG, you play Shanghai? That’s one of the best card games ever!

    • Never get tired of it.

  2. I thought everyone played Angry Birds?

    Trina who has a minimal cell phone with a minimal monthly price

    • Well, I beat Tetris and Bejewled to death. It would be good to have a secondary game again, so I may have to check that out.

  3. my demon is Project 365. Take a picture a day and see your life in a whole new way. I have been doing it for 11 months now. They only have it available for the I phone 4 ( I have a 3). I decided this morning I am hijacking sons phone so I can use the app. It is the best app ever!

    • That sounds like serious fun. Gee, it’s great to get all these new ideas. I love getting up and seeing whatever cool responses I receive to my blog posts. I learn so much… haha, even if someone violently disagrees with me.

  4. Hi Cassy,

    I, too, have lost (but never found, in my case) 2 or 3 cell phones over the years. Mine are also minimalist, but apparently desirable to someone. The worst part is re-entering all the phone numbers — never could figure out how to back up the SIM card.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve got the same ratty hand-entried phone book in a drawer, that I’ve had for decades. As ratty as it is, I just can’t bear the thought of writing all those addresses and numbers down again. God bless Wite-Out.

  5. Cassy, so glad you found your Droid! Doing happy dance for you.

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