Posted by: cassymuronaka | January 19, 2011

The joke’s on me

If most bloggers are like me, they take obsessive interest in what causes their readership statistics to rise or plummet. I’m on my third year of blogging now, and I’ve been pleased to see that the number of people who visit my site has doubled from the first year.

I would love to tell myself that word of mouth has drawn people to my writing and photography, but it is quite clear that something else caused this increase.

First, artist Cynthia Tinapple included my name and work in two very nice citations on her perpetually-illuminating and very popular blog about polymer clay, Polymer Clay Daily. That was, and has been, very gratifying.

A far different reason also accounts for this blog’s increased readership: the enormous breasts of a tattoo model posing on the cover of a Tattoo Energy magazine issue that I highlighted here a couple of months ago.

That blog post was meant to be a joke, as anyone who as looked at the photo and read that day’s post title would know.  But, the laugh has been on me, because the Tattoo Energy magazine cover has become my most sought-out day of posting.

It is absolutely staggering how many hits that post has gotten since it went up.  Fifty-one people have visited it just in the last couple of days.

Being forced to accept the fact that one of the primary reasons that my blog is “read” is because of a photo of a bleached blonde with too much eyeliner and surgically-enhanced mammary glands could feel like a fairly depressing commentary on my talents as a blogger.

But, as the mother of a son, I am glad that I obviously have made so many young men surfing the internet so very happy.



  1. Cassy, Clearly I have to start blogging about naked fruit and vegetables… Loved this post!

    • Think…. melons.

      And thanks, Paula.

  2. Where is the beauty, though. More of a curiosity I think. If those balloons get any bigger she’d have to go out over the top of the turnstile gates at the west end of the Pomona Fairgrounds.

  3. And now that you have written about it the numbers are going to go up again as all the people who missed it the first time go back to check… 🙂

    • You’re right, Jean. I guess I should just post her every time I either have nothing to say or my numbers threaten to drop dramatically.

  4. Maybe she is an athlete and carries an extra set of balls around with her. Anyway, his was not one of my favorites among Cassy’s blogs of last years, but then, I am not a young male.

  5. At first I was happy that people were reading my posts about large-breasted women and pubic-hair, but now I’m disappointed that they don’t read my stories about sandwiches.

    But hits are hits, right?

    • I read your story about sandwiches.

  6. It’s odd that I visit your blog pretty frequently and often comment, but somehow, I missed this post. Well, hits are hits, right?

    • I guess so!

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