Posted by: cassymuronaka | December 20, 2010

Personalized Christmas ornaments

Last November I thought myself very clever when I purchased three snow globe name ornaments at Michael’s craft store for the niece and two nephews who live nearby. Their names are Kayla, Brett and Ryan.

It wasn’t until I was wrapping presents on the night of December 20 that I realized that I had not bought ornaments for Kayla, Brett and Ryan, but ornaments for Kayla, Brett and Richard.

In a blind panic on December 21, I raced to three Michael’s stores, and ended up telephoning about eight others, in an fruitless effort to find a remaining “Ryan” snow globe ornament.

This was a mission I never should have even bothered to undertake, because finding a “Ryan” on this side of L.A. county in late December is like trying to find anything personalized with the name “Dylan” or “Ethan” in trendy West Los Angeles. There are herds of teenage Asian “Ryans” marching through the San Gabriel Valley.

Ultimately, Kayla and Brett were consigned to the 2010 gift pile.

In November of this year, I visited Michael’s again, with a fluttering hope that the chain might again be carrying the personalized snowglobe decorations. They weren’t. But they are carrying little snowmen. And when I saw that, I immediately set upon the Ryans like a hungry dog.

My problem now is figuring out what to say to my nephew on Christmas Day when he asks why his ornament is different from that of his sister and brother.

Meanwhile, the orphan ornament “Richard” is hanging on my own Christmas tree. I plan to keep it. It will be an amusing yearly reminder of how lame I can be. Plus, I don’t know any Richards to whom I can give the ornament.



  1. Even if you find one I say keep it for the funny reminder!
    Thanks for the laugh.

    • I agree. Eventually, you’ll find a Richard to gift it to.

  2. Michael’s never disappoints.

  3. I was sad because I broke my Kayla one. I was hoping you were selling it. I am very very sad now :(.

    • So sorry, Kayla, but there are a lot of “Kayla” ornaments out there, so maybe you’ll find another pretty one.

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