Posted by: cassymuronaka | November 24, 2010

This is how my Thanksgiving prep began

This was the first thing that happened yesterday morning when I started rifling through my pantry to see staples what I needed and did not need to purchase in order to assemble a Thanksgiving dinner.

I have an unfortunate history of not putting tops on bottles and boxes very securely, which occasionally results in situations like the one pictured. I don’t know when I previously employed the Hershey’s cocoa powder in a recipe, but I promise you that after this debris was cleared I snapped that sucker’s lid back on firmly and pushed the can about as far back in this kitchen cabinet as it possibly could go.

Here’s hoping your Thanksgiving prep begins a whole lot less messy than mine.



  1. I’m hoping the spilled powder is the worst thing that happens to you in connection with Thanksgiving. I am thankful for your blog, by the way.

    • Thanks Dave. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. What a way to start the day! Hope the rest is better and accident free.
    What I wanna know is how long it took to clean up?

    • I have to admit that I conned my son into helping me out. He spent about 10 minutes vacuuming cocoa powder from the walls, cabinets, floor and counterspace, while I washed off jars and bottles. I can’t believe how far all that stuff traveled!

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