Posted by: cassymuronaka | November 22, 2010

Tail: The new must-have fashion accessory



  1. one of my daughters friends wore one of these with us to town one day, we went most of the day hanging out and shopping before I was actually behind her and saw this, I almost died! I thought something was attacking her and almost ripped it off and beat it, LOL! She said no its just my tail. I asked if she wore it all day she calmly asked, “Yea, why?”, “No reason”, I said, “but stay behind me a bit so no one knows your with me, ok.” I added, she just laughed and hugged me. Thing was she was 19 at the time! Kids got more guts than I did at their age& I went thru the 80’s! LOL

    • Forgive me for not responding to this sooner! I didn’t see it or get a notification that I had received a comment. This is a great story. And I agree: what’s the harm?

  2. That is ok, December seems to be the “miss out on everything month”, I just last week got an email that was dated the 10th lol I think it was secretly delivered by the mail lady, lol

    • I’m going to blame everything on Mercury in Retrograde again……

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