Posted by: cassymuronaka | October 26, 2010

Blizzcon 2010: The Silly Boys

Maybe it’s because so many of them are burdened in elaborate fantasy gear, but the majority of the men’s Blizzcon 2010 costumes make me laugh. But I laugh with great appreciation.

Young males far outnumber the women attending Blizzard Entertainment’s gaming conference that has met at the Anaheim Convention Center for the last five years.

There are, however, as many, if not more costumed females than males. I think the costumes of the girls give wing to a lot of the women’s hidden desire to be a femme fatale or goddess. A lot of the men just like to have a good laugh on themselves or blow their friends away with their precision and ability to copy a character right down to the last golden arrow tip. These guys know they are obsessive nerds; why not celebrate it in all its glory?

Who knew that a member of your World of Warcraft Guild could sew or was a killer with a craft glue gun?



  1. I was wondering if you spoke to the fellow with the frog helmet and if so did he say if he made the entire thing or did he acquire the large frog somewhere?

    • My son, the World of Warcraft player, says that while the creature is amphibious, it “has humanoid qualities.” It’s known as the Murloc and it’s the unofficial game mascot. The hats were being sold at Blizzcon.

  2. Love the tree dude!

    • I like the electric green contact lenses myself.

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