Posted by: cassymuronaka | October 25, 2010

Blizzcon 2010: The Babes

Everyone wants to pose with and have a picture taken with the costumed girls at Blizzcon, especially with The Babes. “Everyone,” of course, means the hormone-driven young men who comprise the majority of the people enjoying the Blizzard Entertainment gaming conference.

Many of those who attend Blizzcon arrive in garb fashioned after a favorite game character.  Some costumes are personally designed.

Many of these people spend the better part of the year working on an outfit just to enter the annual costume contest, but a substantial number also just like to walk around and receive attention. A few of the women — and these seemed to be the skinny and statuesque ones traveling in pairs –are professional models specifically hired to pose with gamers for photos.

There was surprisingly little flesh that should not have been revealed under any circumstances. Almost all of the women walking the conference floor in costume knew exactly their body type and how far they should go. I did comment to my 20-year-old son last night after all the Blizzcon revelers had gone home that “Some of those girls were wearing really tight and skimpy costumes.” His response?

He smiled and said, “Some of those World of Warcraft characters wear really tight and skimpy clothing.”

And that would explain one reason for the massive popularity of WOW among young males.

Next installment, Blizzcon 2010: The Silly Boys

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