Posted by: cassymuronaka | October 18, 2010

Japanese woodblock print shoe soles

Legendary Vogue magazine editor Diana Vreeland, an arbiter of style for decades, was so meticulous about her daily dress that she even wore shoes whose soles were polished by a maid. Vreeland felt that if she happened to put her feet up while in the company of others, the bottom of her footwear should always appear clean and unmarred.

Few of us have the money or obsessive nature go to such extremes, but the sole of a shoe long has remained undiscovered country for fashion designers. But no longer. Merrell, whose inventory normally consists of outdoor wear, is carrying a line of Japanese shoes called “Mootopia Lace”.

And the soles of these laced green, orange, coral and blue casual shoes for both men and women are really the main attraction. The bottom of each casual shoe boasts a complicated scene or pattern, one of which is the famous Japanese “ukiyo-e” woodblock print of the “Great Wave” by Hokusai.

As usual, this kind of deceptively simple-looking kind of fashion doesn’t come cheap. The shoes sell for $120 a pair.



  1. At last. Just the shoes I’ve been looking for.

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