Posted by: cassymuronaka | July 25, 2010

With apologies to Allan Sherman

For my vacationing sister who is retrieving her pampered little pet tomorrow from the Muronaka pack of other spoiled dogs and humans….


Hello Muddah Hello Faddah,
Here I am at Camp Muronaka
Camp is very entertaining
But I think that I lost all my obedience training

I put my butt on every pillow
You should see their faces start to billow
I get thrown off lots of big beds
But I jump right back up when they turn their big heads

I chase Lola through the dog door,
Then I run wild and I bark more,
I feel Alpha, and I stand tall
I am ruler of the blankies, toys and old balls

I’ve collected every rib bone
I may try to take them all home
But that Red Dog, she is sneaky
And my plans could end up going really freaky

Take me home, oh Muddah Faddah, take me home, I’m tired of Muronaka
Don’t leave me out in the desert where I can’t be can’t be the little prince
Take me home, I promise I won’t jump on people or knock them on
the floor, oh please don’t leave me here …. like you do every year.

Dearest Fadduh, darlin Muddah,
How are both my hairy bruddahs?
I am sure that they both miss me
And that every one of you wants to pet and kiss me.

Wait a minute, what are they doing?
I see chicken, they’re barbecuing,
Basting pork ribs, gee that’s better,
Muddah Faddauh kindly disregard this letter.


  1. Now that made me laugh. I am feeling better this afternoon than I did this morning.

    • Good! Does that mean we’ll see you tomorrow?

  2. Excellent! Nice doggie.

    • Thanks Marcia…

  3. That’s a scream!! I laughed so hard….

    • Thanks Deb!

  4. Cassy! Maybe you missed your calling!

    • Haha, you mean as a professional Snark? If only I could get paid.

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