Posted by: cassymuronaka | July 17, 2010

A song parody for Mel Gibson (sing to the tune of “Mame”)

(sing to the tune of “Mame,” by Jerry Herman)

You’ve shown once again that you are a putz, Mel,
It’s pretty clear that you are still nuts, Mel.
Your raving hit the web world,
Sent TMZ to orgiastic heights,
Gave talk show hosts new comic fodder
That they could stretch out endlessly for nights

You punch the teeth right out of our head, Mel,
It don’t take much for you to see red, Mel,
Who thought a Russian lass
Would put a big ole movie star to shame?
You made us feel we want to puke,
And send your DVDs to nuke,
You need a huge rebuke, Mel

Your God does not seem to like very much, Mel
Your Jesus seems awesomely way out of touch, Mel
You hate the Jews and blacks
And think that women only live to blow
Your mouth is just like pond scum,
You ought to ponder really laying low

You blast Jesse James right off of our screens, Mel
As well as drugged and drunk movie queens, Mel
You drank, you drove, you screamed, you smiled
And almost lost your film career to booze
You really ought face this, we think you are a racist,
Your lame rants have no sane basis, Mel,
You give new thought to the word “homophobe,”
You give new thought to the word “homophobe”

You’ve proved one more time that you’re a jerk, Mel,
Good luck now getting Hollywood work, Mel,
You’ve got the Westside humming
And typing out a text with just one hand
While zooming their Mercedes
Through freeways up and down in Lotusland

You drew a target right on your back, Mel,
You’ll gonna need a really good flak, Mel,
It proves that blue eyes and good looks won’t
Save you when you’ve got an ugly core
You clearly lost your wits
Amid the sugar tits
You need a PR blitz, Mel



  1. AMEN

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