Posted by: cassymuronaka | July 6, 2010

Curb beautification at work in Glendale



  1. Makes one ponder how other people think, does it not?

  2. It does. But I sort of love this gardener’s reverse thinking. We used to have an “upside down” tree in Hacienda Heights that I adored. It was trimmed so the branches went up and folded over, so all the leaf growth was halfway down the tree. I was very sad when the house was sold and the new owners began trimming the tree “normally” so the branches and foliage went up. It killed the whole character of the tree.

  3. The pix of the Y-shaped tree trunk sporting two baskets of greenery reflects a high standard being set by a gardener determined to turn dross into gold!

  4. so, like, somebody just put those two buckets on the ground and eventually the tree got so big it lifted them up like that??

    • That’s almost as creative as putting planters on dead tree stumps.

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