Posted by: cassymuronaka | May 24, 2010

Are you still ……. LOST?

Somewhere out there in the night is a competent ABC reporter wandering around with a microphone, trying to find a serious story on a Sunday night. The great irony here is that earlier this week there was a very big news story about a dramatic plane crash in a mystical green country, where most of the passengers died in the accident, but some lived.

But following up on that ongoing tragedy was not the one “Eyewitness News” considered to be of world interest today. Nor was it or any other local, national or world news event placed at the top of the late news hour tonight on the local ABC affiliate. In the the City of Angels, where thousands of highly-paid entertainment industry executives feather their nests all over Hollywood, the dominant report topping the 11:30 pm news in the 15 or so minutes of “Eyewitness News” was coverage on the “Lost” finale and what all its fans thought about it.

Don’t get me wrong. I was right there with millions of other devoted fans sucking up the last bits of show.

But I didn’t think that emotional and blubbery man-on-the-street-interviews from obsessive fans of the Oceanic Flight 815, the Dharma Initiative, and The Others comprised the top news event of Sunday night, no matter how slow the news weekend.

In addition, there were far more interesting comments about the end of the historic television show on the infinitely more snarky tallk forums of

Whether you watched the series from Day One, or dropped it in the third season, or you came back to the fold in the last season, or you simply never cared to watch the damn thing at all until it ended, the Slash/Film forum gave you a slightly different line of opinion from what you would find on “Eyewitness News.”


‘”The best and most infuriating finale in the history of television. I cried like a bitch.””

“Why do I feel as if I’ve been dumped by a girl I really really loved? That’s the feeling right now. Not sure what the hell this damn show just did to my brain…. ”

“Michael was evil so he didn’t get to go to the cool-kids-only-afterlife with all the other oceanic 815 people”.

“If you still want to know what the island is or where it’s at, I can’t believe you watched this show for this long.”

“Where was Jennifer Love Hewitt (Ghost Whisperer) when you needed her?””I haven’t seen this much whine since visiting Napa Valley.

“All I needed for closure was seeing Vincent one last time. God, I love that dog

“I thought all dogs go to heaven? Well I have been a DIE HARD fan and bought all the seasons. Was Vincent more than just a dog? He did show up at important times and sure looked good for a lost dog on an island. ….”

“…. Where was Richards wife???? She was important…..OK I need to stop or I could go on for days…”

“i hope the “Chuck “season finale will be better than this ”

“Where is Bill Murray when you need him? if they had the Ghostbusters on that island they wouldn’t have made it passed the pilot.

“what the fuck is the light or the islands fucking purpose, and where is the island and WHAT IS THIS ISLAND”

“Never laughed so hard in my life…I didn’t know this was a comedy?”

“OK Relax and breathe people……”



  1. I never watched the show or cared to but the comment in this mornings LA Times said it all. It was by Mary McNamera, one of my favorites, and capped a long review. “…for one moment one could forget the real mysery of “Lost” which is how Hurley actually seemed to get heavier despite all that walking.”

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