Posted by: cassymuronaka | May 11, 2010

Harold and Kumar go on sensory overload

Why strive for a sense of reflective calm in your home with an air scent like Patchouli or Jasmine, when you can instill a frantic desire for ground grilled cow by the mere flick of a match to a candle wick?

In celebration of National Hamburger month, White Castle is selling a limited-edition candle, packaged inside a ceramic container that resembles one of its famous blue, white and orange take-out boxes.

When the candle is lit, it smells just like onion sliders, according to the candle’s designer, celebrity scent-maker Laura Slatkin, founder of Nest Fragrances.

The online candle sale began May 5th, and proceeds go to Autism Speaks. But the hamburger-scented candles have proven to be so popular that White Castle has sold out of them. More are expected arrive, and they will available until the end of the month. And if you buy three candles, you get a free car air freshener, too.



  1. now that right there is marketing genius.

  2. I am so hungry now

  3. I wonder if it makes you want to evacuate too?
    Sorry could not resist.

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