Posted by: cassymuronaka | April 29, 2010

Unique LA

This was my second weekend running of spending a few hours tripping the craft fair fantastic in downtown Los Angeles, an area that was about as lively as a dead fish during the entire time I was growing up.

“Unique LA” is a show that is not dissimilar to the “Renegade Craft Fair,” which was held for the first time here last July in what passes for a skyscraper (13 stories) in Los Angeles. This is the second year of the show, and it occupied the same floor in the same L.A. Garment District building as the summer fair. But there seemed to be a greater number of vendors and attendees.

This time, I wasn’t the oldest woman in the room (I brought my mother with me), but the dominant population was still youthful and brutally hip. Some of the items being sold at the fair were wearable, and others you could throw on a wall and call it art. There also were purveyors of the edible. Most impressive among the consumable products were tiny, alcohol-laden cupcakes, some with astounding ingredients and names; the “Bettie Page,” for example, a chocolate confection “with marshmallow fluff filling, bourbon buttercream & potato chip garnish.”

There were a fair amount of booths devoted to clever children’s clothing, which I am way past needing these days. One of these booths held my favorite item of the day, although by the time I saw it, I was dead on my feet and too tired to ask if I could take a photo. The seller offered a large selection of blue and pink baby pacifiers. Each of them had something printed on its exterior, which any adult gazing upon a baby sucking placidly upon the pacifier could read. The one I liked best was blue, and was designed for a noisy little boy. It read, “VOLUME CONTROL.”


Homako (unsual fabric jewelry):

The Burlesque Bakery (cupcakes with attitude)

Sweet Evie (jewelry and accessories):

Combustion Glassworks (dichoric glass):

Lichen (reversible magnetic felt bracelets, rearrangeable magnetic jewelry):

Roscata (polymer clay food miniatures)

Sol del Sur (vintage fabric earrings):


Project Kurase (gift items from Ghana)

Raven + Lilly (Indian, African, local art products benefiting impoverished women)

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