Posted by: cassymuronaka | April 8, 2010

Strategic product placement for Baby Boomers



  1. Great, I guess I have missed this one.
    Be prepared!! Har har.
    Hope you spring is delightful.

    • It is delightful! Hope yours is too!

  2. 40 years ago, I was singing, “You can get anything you want at Alice’s Restaurant”

    “You can get anything you want at Costco” doesn’t have the same zippyness.

  3. that’s probably all i can afford, the little end piece displayed.

    • hahahaha.

  4. My COSTCO doesn’t have that – I feel so cheated!
    (Cultural variations due to living in French Canada…)

    • What’s really important is if you have a food court with the hotdog/softdrink combination meal available!

  5. I guess they are saying you can go out in style but with a discount!

  6. I like the pink one !!

  7. So true Cassy and they DO! My kids would be so unhappy without that combo! (I think it’s the only time they ever drink pop, I’m such a hag of a mother about food…)

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