Posted by: cassymuronaka | February 21, 2010

Slip sliding through LA

I have spent the last several weeks teaching my 19-year-old son to drive, using a highly concentrated gameplan that spans the course of of his college’s two-month winter break. In an effort to keep my terror to a minimum and our mutual entertainment at a maximum, interesting paths and destinations have been planned for our our nearly daily forays into the traffic wilds of Los Angeles and Orange County.

We spent most of Thursday chasing a view spot in which to see the spectacular mudslide that occurred near the westbound 10 freeway transition to north 57. Because of the elevated overpasses, it was difficult to find a site from which to photograph. A lot of time was used to explore Forest Lawn Covina, Cal Poly Pomona, Puddingstone Reservoir and Frank G. Bonelli Park before we almost gave up and called it a day. Finally, we spotted a prosperous gated community, which shall go unidentified, since I probably will want to sneak in there another time, and followed a BMW through the gate, after the driver opened it with a remote.

Jackpot. It was late afternoon and traffic was beginning to pile up on the freeway. The mud mess was almost cleared, but we got our shot. At the end of the day, I was impressed with how my son had calmly negotiated some funky, winding roads in the hills. He was impressed that I didn’t bat an eye as I tailed the BMW and invaded the wealthy hillside fortress before casually cruising the neighborhood for an appropriate overlook.

“Is this what you used to do when you worked for a newspaper?” he asked me wonderingly, now infinitely more intrigued with his mother’s past than he previously had been.



  1. Replate the front page!

    Great shots, Cassy

    • Thanks Dave!

  2. You mean climbing on the roof of the local supermarket last summer to get a photo of women lining up to buy hatch chiles didn’t impress your son sufficiently?

    • Apparently, he is more impressed with stealth than he is with physical daring.

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